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Projects for Inspiration

For over 45 years, people have been relying on Hyma products in their applications and various projects due to the fact that Hyma gives great attention to quality and ability to supply on time even for large quantities.

Grapes Farm | Hyma Plastic

Grapes Farm

Rayong Project | Hyma Plastic

Rayong Project

Powerplant Puchao Saming Phrai Project | Hyma Plastic

Power Plant Project

Cigar Pond Project | Hyma Plastic

Cigar Pond Project

Biogas Pond D1, D2 Surin Project | Hyma Plastic

Biogas Pond Project

Lampang Agro Biogas Phase I Project | Hyma Plastic

Agro Biogas Project

Bananas Farm | Hyma Plastic

Bananas Farm

Thai Rung Ruang | Hyma Plastic

Thai Rung Ruang

Vegetables Mulching Farm | Hyma Plastic

Vegetables Mulching Farm

Oil Depot Project | Hyma Plastic

Oil Depot Project

Sukari Gold Mine | Hyma Plastic

Gold Mine

Greeneries Farm | Hyma Plastic

Greeneries Farm