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Hyma Plastic-Hyma Foam is the leading manufacturing company in Egypt which produces Polyethylene (PE) Blown Film products for different applications and services such as Agriculture, Aquaculture, Flexible Packaging Industrial Packaging and Geomembrane for lining and insulation.

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Agriculture Film

Hyma Plastic offers Agriculture Films manufactured by top version raw materials and using advanced technology to insure that these products will stand up to the harshest conditions. Agriculture & Horticulture products category include (Greenhouse Films, Low Tunnels, Grapes Cover, Banana Bags & Rolls, Mulch Films, Silage Films, High Density Polyethylene Pipes, Drip Irrigation GR Pipes).

Industrial Packaging

Thanks to our previous 40 years of expertise and innovation, Hyma Plastic provides you with packaging that maximizes your performance and services. We design and produce deferent industrial packaging products to meet your specific needs in order to protect different palletized products from moisture, dust and abrasion. With UV inhibitors added to our packaging products, your products can even be stored outside without having any problems to them or to the packaging product. Hyma Plastic Industrial packaging products include (Heavy Duty Bags, FFS Film, Shrink Hood, Shrink Wrap, Polyethylene Bags liner, Polyethylene Jumbo Bags Liner, Polyethylene Release Film, Polyethylene Warning Tape, Concrete Pipes sleeves).

Geomembrane & Lining

Hyma Plastic produces Geomembrane using high quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resins which meet all the international standards, and which can be used in different lining and insulation applications. The Geomembrane are produced with thickness varies between 750 micron and 3 mm in rolls having a width of 7 m, and in black smooth surface due to the addition of the carbon black in order to resist the Ultra Violet rays effect. Geomembrane can be produced also in two colors; white/black as per the client needs, or it can be also produced completely in blue color. In addition; Textured Geomembrane can be manufactured for both sides or one side textured and the other is smooth, in order to be used in lining application on steep slopes, to prevent slipping on sands. Geomembrane can be used in different applications such as (Canal Lining, Lining of Oxidation Ponds in Sewage Treatment Plants, Landfill Lining, Artificial Lakes, Ground water reservoirs, Aqua Culture, Gold Mining, Oil exploration, Evaporation ponds, Tank Lining, Structure Sealing and Foundation Insulation).

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging sector is the most booming sector in Hyma Plastic. Our products; either in films form or bags can be printed or left plain, and they can be produced either as a single film or laminated film. There are good varieties of products in this sector such as (Polyethylene Film Rotogravure Printing, Printed Polyethylene Film, Laminated Polyethylene Film, Polyethylene Bags, Laminated Bags, Plastic Tables Sheets).



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