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Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and the environmental Policy

  • The product quality, customer satisfaction and maintain the integrity of the workers are our employees slogan through the dissemination of policy and knowledge.Adopting and applying the latest technology to achieve the company goalsduring the period of time set for each of our objectives.
  • Provide the necessary resources through selecting the best human elements and provide infrastructure and all resources needed to achieve high quality products which meet the requirements and comply with local laws and legislation.
  • Conformity with the laws and regulations on product quality and safety and occupational health and the environment as well as the specifications for the product.
  • Focus on safety procedures and the ongoing development and upgrading of human resources by training and continuous development.
  • Our commitment is to develop, document and implement a management system for quality, safety, occupational health and environment in accordance with the requirements of the prescriptions of international standards (ISO 9001/2008 & ISO14001/OHSAS 18001/2004 & 2007). Also to comply with local laws and legislation corresponding with the continuity of development and improvement in order to achieve our ultimate goal of upgrading the human element and optimization to accelerate progress in the industrial field to accelerate development through the following :