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PE Release is smooth protective release films for the rubber, and tire industry. Specially formulated polyethylene compounds that don’t interact with the other materials present in the various rubber compounds.

PE Release Film advantages:

  1. Improved yield on standard embossed films
  2. Potential cost saving over embossed films.
  3. Reduces the number of roll changes, improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process
  4. Reduces the amount of waste in both production and for disposal
  5. Retains the freshness & stickiness of the rubber compounds
  6. 100% recyclable
  7. Reduces the amount of space required to store the product
  8. High mechanical properties
  9. Can be Smooth or Diamond Shape Textured

Min Width:


Max Width:


Min Thickness:

80 Micron

Max Thickness:

120 Micron