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Mulch Films are available in either smooth or embossed surface. The embossed film hugs the bed better and is not as prone to loosen during warm weather. Mulch film thicknesses start from 25 microns up to 50 microns and is essential in planting fruits & vegetables.

Advantages of using Mulch Film:

  1. Earlier planting dates.
  2. Soil moisture retention.
  3. Weed management.
  4. Reduction in the leaching of fertilizer.
  5. Improved crop quality.
  6. Reduction in soil compaction.
  7. Reduction in root damage.

Min Width:


Max Width:


Min Thickness:

25 Micron

Max Thickness:

100 Micron


(Black/White/Green/Silver/Drown/Bicolor from Above Colors)