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Drip Irrigation is an extremely efficient method to supply water and nutrients to crops.
When drip irrigation is used with polyethylene mulch, yield increases .
Apple, grapes, banana, sugarcane, cotton, mango, vegetables, flowers..etc, We have different solution for a wide range of different crops.

Advantages of Hyma Drip Irrigation Systems:

  1. Reduce more than 50% of the water consumption needed compared to sprinkler irrigation.
  2. Lower operating pressures leads to reduced energy for pumping.
  3. Diseases may be lessened because plant foliage remains dry.
  4. Labor and operating costs are generally less, and extensive automation is possible.
  5. Plant irrigation is precisely targeted as in no water is wasted between rows or other nonproductive areas.
  6. Field operations such as, harvesting can be done during irrigation because the areas between rows remain dry, resulting in better weed control and lower production costs.
  7. Fertilizers efficiency is increased by 30% when they used within the drip irrigation system.
  8. Soil erosion and nutrient leaching can be reduced
  9. Crop grows consistently, healthier and matures fast

Min Diameter:


Max Diameter:


Min Thickness:


Max Thickness:


Min. Dripper Spacing:


Max Dripper Spacing:


Min Discharge:

2 L/Hr

Max Discharge:

4 L/Hr

Coil Length: