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Our Greenhouse Film is a Co-extruded Polyethylene multilayer film made from special Grades and additives that ensure delivering the requested properties and a suitable environment for the crops.

Why use Greenhouse Film in Agriculture:

  1. To protect crops from harsh weather conditions including rain and wind
  2. To control the temperature thus allowing to enhance certain features of the crops.
  3. To Substitute Nickel – Quencher by HALS
  4. To be able to harvest the Crops earlier
  5. To obtain higher yields film

What are the Functional Features for our Greenhouse Film?

  1. Good elasticity, high tear resistance, containment of heat during night and high long lasting mechanical properties with slight deterioration over time.
  2. Transparency to the sunlight in the visible light range especially in photosynthetic activity range (400 – 700 nm).
  3. Can be either 1 or 3 layers depending on the application.
  4. Can live up to 4 seasons depending on the thickness of film used

Min Width:


Max Width:


Min Thickness:

100 Micron

Max Thickness:

250 Micron