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Bicolor is a two-color coextruded Geomembrane manufactured from maximum quality High Density Polyethylene resins to which pigments with a UV stabilizer are added.

Available colors: Green, Blue, Turquoise, Ochre, Grey and White. Other colors are custom make for by request orders, indicating color code. Thickness of coextruded layer can be modified.

White/Black Geomembrane contains 97.5% of pure polymer and 2.5% of Carbon Black, antioxidant, thermal stabilizers and single layer in white color. The product does not contain plasticizers of fillers that can migrate over time.

Hyma guarantees both UV resistance and color stability for a variable time limit depending on the selected color.

Min Width:


Max Width:


Min Thickness:


Min Thickness:

25 Micron

Roll Length: