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Banana Bags are used to improve the quality of banana, wrapping of fruit bunches while they are ripening on the plant is highly recommended. Skin injuries (Cavendish) could be greatly reduced by as much as 90% by wrapping the fruit bunch. Wrapping produces banana with high quality and free from insect bites, fungi and bacteria, as well as physical injuries such as abrasions, blemishes and cuts.

Advantages Of Using Banana Bags

  1. Protect the fruit from bird, wind and sun damage.
  2. Improve its quality and increase the yield.
  3. Can be Bicolor (blue/silver) to reflect heat.
  4. Open at the top & the bottom.
  5. Perforated for better aeration.
  6. Can be supplied in Perforated rolls or separate bags.

Min Width:


Min Width:


Max Width:


Min Thickness:

25 Micron

Max Thickness:

85 Micron

Min Length: